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Falsely in love: an explosive novel about illusions in Israel

Falsely in love: an explosive novel about illusions in Israel

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About the book
After a catastrophic love affair, Joost decides to make a new start in a kibbutz.
Initially, Israel really seems like the promised land for him, with new friends and parties where the drinks flow freely, until the attractive Ayelet makes her entrance. At that moment, the hormones get the better of Joost and he throws himself headlong into a relationship again. But does his new crush love him as much as he loves her? And is she actually who she says she is?

False in Love is not only an intriguing development novel about a young man trying to find his way in life, but also a blood-curdling spy story in which nothing is as it seems. Against the backdrop of Rotterdam and Israel at the turn of the century, Joost unwittingly becomes the plaything of higher political powers. Who can he trust in that shadowy world and can he still be sure of his own life?

Chris Buitendijk is a storyteller who grabs you by the throat right down to the last point and doesn't let go.

About the writer
Chris Buitendijk (Rotterdam, 1979) runs a graphic design agency in Rotterdam together with his wife and family. They release free work through studio Rashkov, from screen prints to art posters and books. In 2015, Buitendijk made his debut with the historical novel Emanuel (Publisher Douane). The common thread in Buitendijk's work is his fascination with Rotterdam, Israel and faith. False in Love is his long-awaited second novel.

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