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ROTMAT RUBEN is inspired by the surprising architecture of Rotterdam.
The mat is made for movement and experience.
Whatever you do with it, it's more fun on a ROTMAT!

The ROTMAT distinguishes itself from other mats due to its unique design. The colorful, city-inspired designs give the mats a contemporary and quirky character.

The choice and quality of the material make the mat multifunctional and therefore versatile. The ROTMAT is suitable for exercising or meditating, but the ROTMAT also comes into its own at a picnic or festival.
So, whatever you do with it: everything is more fun on a ROTMAT!

The ROTMAT is a high-quality mat, made of durable material.
The underlayer of the mat is made of natural rubber. This is 100% biodegradable and also lasts a long time. The top layer is micro-suede, dyed with water-based ink. This makes the mat free of hazardous chemicals.

The natural rubber surface of the ROTMAT has a dampening effect and always keeps the mat in place, while the micro-suede top layer absorbs all moisture. Moreover, the suede feels wonderfully soft and comfortable.

The dimensions (183 x 61 cm) of the ROTMAT make it suitable for all kinds of exercises. The chosen materials make the mat easy to roll in or out. In addition, the mat comes with a cotton carrying strap, which makes it easy to carry or store the mat.

The ROTMAT is easy to clean after use. You can clean the mat easily and effectively with a damp cloth. Let the mat dry flat. For a more thorough cleaning, rinse the mat with a shower head and use green soap. Wring the mat in a towel to speed up the drying process. Please note: do not expose the mat to sunlight for a long time when drying.

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